Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?

From Slashdot:

waderoush writes “The majority of the comments on last week’s Slashdot post It’s Not a Flying Car — It’s A Drivable Airplane were critical, even dismissive, of Terrafugia’s work to build a two-passenger airplane with folding wings that’s also certified for highway driving. We boiled down these criticisms to the dozen most commonly expressed points, and today we’ve published responses from Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich. While hybrid airplane-automobiles are an old (some would say laughable) idea, Dietrich argues that current materials and avionics technologies finally make the concept feasible.”
Terrafugia Transition
“The computer-pilot in my car can’t cook but what she can do, she does well. I called for display map, changed scale to include Utah, used the light pen to trace route – complex as it curved around Reno to the south, back north again, made easting over some very empty country and passed North of Hill Air Force Range in approaching Logan. I fed in height-above-ground while giving her leeway to smooth out bumps, and added one change in speed-over-ground once we were clear of Reno radar. “Got it, girl?” I asked her.
“Got it, Zeb.”
flying car

The Grand Master was hardly the first (or last) to predict flying cars, so much so that the idea has become a hoary old cliche of pulp SF, but we’ve actually had flying cars for some time now. They are generally owned and operated by the wealthier segments of society, and typically referred to as “Cessnas” or “Leer jets.”

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